Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tip#285: Focus On Inner Beauty - Shallow Hal

This weekend marks the end of what will be a very memorable summer. There has been unusual weather patterns capping off with surprise tornadoes north of Toronto. And for me, my life's training for maintaining an indestructible mindset continued successfully in a summer full of urgency and action for maintaining my business. Yes I was dealing with my own career tornadoes!

One of the recent resources helping me stay positive were 2 new video clips circulating online from motivational guru Tony Robbins. For whatever reasons Robbins was not a big influence in my life or career until I saw these video interviews he did with young, self-made millionaires. They talked about the mindsets necessary to stay determined and increase momentum towards your dreams and goals.

1) See Tony Robbins interview: with John Reese
2) See Tony Robbins interview: with John Reese and Frank Kern

These videos energized my determination and also made me remember my first exposure to Robbins when he appeared in the movie Shallow Hal. I watched it again recently and found that I not only laughed and enjoyed this unique, romantic comedy but found many motivational messages as well.

Shallow Hal

The film Shallow Hal is made by the Farrelly brothers whose comedies are usually a unique blend of unabashed humour and strong messages for the heart. This movie follows the transformation of Hal (Jack Black) from having an extremely shallow view about women to focusing on their inner beauty.

This is initiated by an encounter with Tony Robbins (playing himself) while trapped in an elevator. Robbins gives some simple and powerful advice to deprogram Hal's shallow attitude thus giving him the gift of seeing into the heart of women he soon meets.

The movie features several characters using prosthetic make-up to either show the inner beauty Hal sees or how they actually look in real-life. Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing both in how she is first viewed by Hal and when she is in her obese prosthetics. There are also several characters with real-life medical conditions that make them stand out physically. They really help drive the point home that despite what people first see they ALL have beautiful personalities.

So be inspired to see beyond the physical of every person you meet. Focus on the inner beauty of everyone around you. Doing so helps transform your mindset into indestructible optimism. You will learn to see the positives in the pre-perceived negatives of your life or career.

Remember, it takes time to build an optimistic mindset and all you have to do is DO SOMETHING once a day to see the silver lining in your challenges. And look for the good in the challenging persons you encounter. That's your challenge for today!

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Candice Frederick said...

and make every moment count!

Head Health Nutter said...

Thanks for the great post, Emmanuel. Shallow Hal is one of the best movies EVER and Mr. Robbins is a superb role model for anyone who wants to change their life around for the better.

Your post exemplifies how important our perceptions and beliefs are to our life successes, whether it's business or personal!

Realistic optimism is the secret to life, isn't it?!