Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tip#281: Stir Up Your Emotions – District 9

Feeling stuck in your life or career is a sign to step out of your current headspace and re-activate your inner fuel. That fuel comes from the power of your emotions.

My recent log cabin vacation definitely stirred up emotions (see: tip#179). One sunny day, while exploring an open-pit mineral mine, my friend and I could hear an approaching thunderstorm. We trusted our gut that it would be safe to stay exposed to the storm and we were rewarded with an exhilarating rain shower.

We felt a sense of freedom as the pouring summer rain released our emotions. We cheered out loud like kids. It didn't matter that every inch of our clothes was soaked. Sure, there was some initial sense of risk being in an open field and yet it was a perfect metaphor for creating positive change in life. You have to risk some uncomfortable feelings to get to your positive emotional energy.

District 9

The movie District 9 is one of the most visceral, cinematic experiences I've ever witnessed. There are no words to describe how thoroughly it stirs up emotions. What helped was that I didn't know much about the film except that it attracted the inner child in me that loves imaginative stories.

In fact I am not going to discuss the story elements. So if you trust your gut and are drawn to see District 9 you know you'll be taking a rewarding risk. One thing is certain - this is a science fiction film unlike anything you have ever seen before.

There will be stunning visuals and questionable actions that the human characters take with the aliens that will trigger your emotions. This is the type of movie that will take you out of your trapped headspace, target apathy and activate your emotional energy.

Feel Something, Anything!

So if you are feeling stuck in your life or career it's mostly because you are stuck in your current mindset. The key is to get out of your headspace by stirring your heart. Get into your FEELING space and feel something. Feel anything!

Feeling something, even if it is negative, will always lead to your positive emotional energy. It's like when you feel better after a good cry or the satisfaction you feel after facing an overwhelming fear.

You eventually reach a place that re-activates your confidence and joyful state. And isn't that where you want to be?

"There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion."
Carl Gustav Jung

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009


Anonymous said...

Good entry!

David G.

Candice Frederick said...

wow--this review was intense! I shoudl really check this movie out.

Dolphingirl said...

I love this entry!

Dolphingirl said...

I just wrote a similar entry about the emotions that were stirred up in me after watching the movie The Cove. Check it out to see where my emotions led me!

Head Health Nutter said...

Cannot wait to see this movie! :)