Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tip#241: New Ideas To Shake Up Your World - Knowing

Some believe that life is either predetermined or random. Whatever you believe keep an open mind that your current beliefs can be shaken up to seeing your world in a brighter way.

I recently watched the grand finale of the re-imagined TV series Battlestar Galacticaand was left thoroughly inspired by the journey. This revision of the late 70's Sci Fi TV show inspired me in so many ways like witnessing the perseverance of these characters struggling against constant adversity (see tip#158)

The TV show also explored thought-provoking concepts that I've always been passionate about like ancient prophecies and the existence beyond death and our physical world like angels and aliens. As one reviewer from the Chicago Tribune said about Battlestar Galactica, "Battlestar got into my soul." See review

The themes of prophecies, angels and aliens also inspired the creation of my debut music CD, Rain of Angels. The album was always meant to be optimistic even in end-of-the-world prophecies like my song and video called "2012". See video

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There was amazing synchronicity the day I saw the Battlestar Galactica finale on March 20th and the first day of spring. I was compelled to see the new Nicholas Cage film called Knowing but had second thoughts because of the brutal reviews it was receiving. Thankfully I saw a positive write up by film critic Roger Ebert which inspired me to ignore the negative reviews. See review

This amazing thriller shook me up. It was about synchronicity, end-of-the-world prophecies, perseverance and life beyond our world. And the disaster scenes in the film were the most emotionally devastating I've seen in comparison to other disaster movies. But scenes like this and the metaphysical concepts discussed are all meant to shake us up. They can help shake up our old belief systems and what we truly value in life.

Daring Concepts

Daring concepts can lead to new, positive ways of looking at your life challenges. It can wake you up to a bigger picture of what your existence is all about.

So this first weekend of spring has left me more awakened and optimistic than ever. Thanks to the finale of Battlestar Galactica and the movie Knowing I will continue to keep an open mind to new ideas and concepts.

Do your best to keep an open mind as well. After all we are living in a time where we have the first black president in the United States that has already shaken up old belief systems around the world.

When you come across new concepts that shake you up keep an optimistic mindset. It may contain hidden inspirational messages you've been looking for.

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Anonymous said...

Emmanuel, I'm so glad you follow BSG! I thought the last episode was the best thing I have EVER seen on tv. I was moved to tears. Did you know they won the Peabody award for promoting peace?


Head Health Nut said...

My world needs some shaking! I'll definitely be seeing both Knowing and BSG finale.

Thank you for this post, Emmanuel. I needed a reminder today to keep an open mind for the positive!