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Tip#56: The Missing 'Secret' To Attracting What You Want - The Secret - Antiviral

There are many methods and steps to attracting what you want in your life. As you discover these elements you will see that changing your old habits of thinking is essential.

The Secret (2007)

I still don’t know who sent me a free ticket to see Bob Proctorlive from The Secret movie but I know synchronicity and the law of attraction were completely at play. Proctor recently spoke at the University of Toronto and I knew it was a real gift just having been invited. After all, Proctor is a world-class speaker and now celebrity because of his appearance in The Secret.

Even my two amazed friends, who came with me as guests, were questioning me about how I got this invitation. I just explained that it was the law of attraction flowing for my wish to have a successful career. It is further proof that when you are passionate about your dreams you will draw in from the universe all the steps needed to reach your goals. And so money no longer becomes an issue if you are meant to be somewhere or do something.

Letting go of beliefs on money was one of the many themes Proctor covered in his presentation for the packed auditorium. He reminded us that we are always in control of money and not the other way around. That is just one habit of thinking some have allowed to have their decisions in life revolve around. For example, when you go shopping do you decide to buy something based on the price tag? Building awareness about our relationship with money and with ourselves is a big step towards improving financial situations.

Proctor then shared many personal stories helping to inspire the audience to see new possibilities of change for themselves. He told us tales of how the law of attraction guided him throughout his long and successful life and career. It led him to receiving the book Think and Grow Richand working with motivational legend, Earl Nightingale. And now that he was 73 years old, Proctor said he had no plans of slowing down. He was a real energetic dynamo on stage with a booming voice to boot!

The Missing Secret

Proctor also addressed the criticisms of the movie The Secret. He was direct to say that the movie doesn’t tell you all the steps of making the law of attraction work. It just tells you that it works. He shared what was missing and it had to do with the term 'paradigms'.

According to Proctor paradigms are what controls our lives. He defines paradigms as a multitude of habits. The key was to change these habits of belief one at a time to allow the flow of what we want to enter our lives. We can ultimately break down old paradigms holding us back through a desire to change, daily increases of awareness, time and patience. (For more see tips#38)

Free of Charge

It was also exciting to learn that Proctor is not an American as he lives here in Toronto. When he mentioned this you could tell many in the audience members swelled with pride that this international celebrity was literally a neighbour of ours. And he came across as a fellow human being who's found answers to life and enjoys sharing it with others. And, at least for that evening, the information was free of charge. He even offers his book, You Were Born Richas a free pdf on his website,

Antitrust (2001)

Acts of graciousness on a vast level reminds me of the final message in the thriller movie Antitrustwith Tim Robbins and Ryan Phillippe. The story involves Phillippe's character, a programmer who helps Robbins's company finish the code for the ultimate satellite uplink system that would allow Robbins to control the world's flow of information and communications.

Phillippe's character believed that all information should instead be made free to the world and in the end gives the technology away via a massive and dazzling global online broadcast. To some giving something away for free is unthinkable whereas to others this thinking is about making the world a better place. That kind of thinking can be very magnetic.

Synchronistic Encounters

Now back to something interesting that happened that evening with Bob Proctor. Just before the presentation was about to start, I had the sudden urge to go to the washroom. I didn't really have to go but something was telling me to 'Go now!' So I ran out, asked a door usher where the washrooms were and ran there and did my 'business'. On the way out I saw someone in the corner of my left eye standing by themselves. I turned and it was Proctor waiting to step on stage.

So I quickly turned towards him, gave him a big beaming smile and said, "Hello Bob!" as if we were old friends. He said hello as he shook my hand. As I introduced myself I could see a look in his eyes that was asking, "have I met this guy before?" Of course we haven't but I was fully enjoying this chance encounter.

I wished Bob a great presentation and ran back smiling at another unexpected and synchronistic meeting. And all I did was act on a gut instinct that told me I had to be somewhere and didn't question it. That is part of how the law of attraction works. Doubting and questioning gut impulses may be your current paradigm but that can all change if you're willing to work at it.

Always remember you have the power to manifest what you want. Stories like mine are meant to inspire the possibilities for you just like Proctor's own personal experiences. Continue to read and hear other people's synchronistic stories to spur you on and become more aware of what's holding you back.

Remember that your paradigms can be changed and you can do it a little bit each day. You can alter your ineffectual habits of thinking. You can change your programming. Having the desire to change is a powerful start towards controlling your life.

"Most people are just being extras in their own movie."
"Your results are an expression of your level of your awareness."
"Money has ears, if you call it, it will come."
Bob Proctor

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

Great Post, I also a fans of Bob Proctor. Thanks for the post.

Recently Bob also publish a new free report about the missing ingredient from 'the secret'...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great tip, Motivatorman.

Stephanie Miller
Professional Writer

Anonymous said...

That blog was pretty good, I think you covered the important points. I like the quotes you included in the end, and it's always good to hear about more synchronicities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

I just discovered your blog...thanks for all the sharing.

Anonymous said...

being one of the friends that accompanied you to the event, i also came out of it inspired. the three of us spoke about our health and how we needed to take better care of ourselves, after the event i went home and started. i have been successfully following a regement and slowly changing my paradigms. thank you Emmanuel for your continued support and for the invite. you are an amazing friend!!