Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tip#51: Follow Your Nose - Sliding Doors

After I posted my 50th motivational tip on Sunday morning I went to celebrate with a friend on a gloriously sunny spring day at the Queen's Quay here in Toronto. I could have worked indoors on other projects but I remembered how important it was to get out and celebrate achievements. Little did I know I would make a wild connection with someone.

The warm breezes, sparkling lake and great conversations cleared my head as we hung out by the lakeshore. It was like taking an instant vacation. The benefits of refreshing the mind and spirit like this always surprised me. My friend asked what I was going to do next now that I had the first 50 tips for my first self-help book. I replied that I wanted to find an expert in brand development and product marketing to work with. I just believed the steps towards finding this person would reveal itself in time.

After a couple of comfortably lazy hours my friend and I parted. I then felt compelled to drop by the Yoga Conference and Show at the Metro Convention Centre. The show was just wrapping up and it happened to be on my way home. Though logically it didn't make any sense to go and found myself pausing for a moment. I then decided to follow my nose and walked in that direction. I also had a free show pass so I had nothing to lose.

Synchronicity Sensors

I quickly roamed up and down all the aisles of the exhibitors with my "synchronicity sensors" on alert. I knew that I was drawn there for a reason. But nothing resonated for me so I made my way to the exit. As I came down the exit escalator someone at the bottom, who I noticed earlier, said hello to me with a big smile. It took me a few moments to recognize that it was a good soul who'd helped me with the production of my music cd, Rain of Angels over 7 years ago. I hadn't seen him since and it was a great surprise to reconnect.

He was surprised and excited to hear about my new motivational career and shared that he too went through a mid-career crisis and transition. So I asked him what he was doing now and he said he was a consultant. He provided brand marketing management and solutions.

My "synchronicity sensors" alarm went off! This is the stuff of movies making wild connections like this. Not only did he represent the next step of making my dream come true for publishing my book he was someone I knew and trusted from my past that also believed in me. This moment validated my gut feeling earlier to go to the Yoga Show.

Synchronistic moments happen all the times in movies. Meaningful coincidences can drive the plot forward no matter how strange the motivation for the characters. Meaningful connections are always made. Synchronistic meetings can happen when a character decides to turn right instead of left.

Sliding Doors (1998)

The romantic comedy drama Sliding Doorsstars Gwyneth Paltrow and explores the "what if's" of making those simple decisions in life. Paltrow's character decides to rush and catch a subway train which makes significant changes in her personal relationships. The film then splits onto a second story revealing another reality for having missed the subway. Both paths reveal the very different outcomes of an unexpected focal point in a person's day.

Movie classics like It's A Wonderful Lifeand other contemporary films like The Devil's Advocate, The Family Manand Clickalso explore 'what if' scenarios. Look carefully at the meaningful coincidences that happen in the movies you are watching. See how pivotal moments create a chain reaction of events for the characters. Then let them inspire you to become more alert in your daily events.

You are the star of your own movie in life so look at subtle signs and patterns that unfold during your day. Follow your nose when you smell a direction you are being drawn towards. Switch on your "synchronicity sensors" and let the plot of your life story unfold towards your goals.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing your 50th post! I read it and LOVED seeing you on
Oprah and Ellen. :)

I also really enjoyed your 51st post - how wonderful that your gut lead
you to find your branding manager!

Stephanie M.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emmanuel: I would love to try a hand at marketing for you.