Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tip#19: Unleash Your Inner '007' & Tenacity - Casino Royale

Tenacity: persistent determination

Pure animal aggression and assertiveness and can be powerful allies. In healthy doses these proactive qualities can help you achieve anything your heart desires.

I love the numbers of this New Year because I see '007' which reminds me of James Bond.It's a great metaphor because this is the year I plan to unleash my inner double 'O' seven status when it comes to dealing with issues and challenges. I am going to unleash my tenacious energy to achieve my goals.

Casino Royale (2006)

The action film, Casino Royale, is a reboot of the James Bond series starring Daniel Craig as a grittier version. The story is filled with high action scenes, beautiful locations and, of course, Bond girls.

In this latest film, Casino Royalegoes back to when James Bondfirst received his '007' status and presented his character at his grittiest and toughest. There's a relentless chase sequence at the start of the movie that was thrilling to watch. It's simply one person chasing the other over multiple obstacles of a construction site. The energy on the screen was raw, powerful and uncompromising in tenacity. Wouldn't it be great to have that kind of energy when dealing with ongoing problems in life?

One way of doing that is learning to remove your 'victim hat' when faced with unexpected adversity. This default behaviour for some can be difficult to change especially if it has become a comfortable pattern over many years. So you become programmed to continue being a victim because you're not aware of other options.

Being in victim mode is very debilitating, confusing and most of all you feel a big lack of self-confidence. To change you first have to be aware that you CAN change and reprogram yourself for a better response facing adversity.

The solution that I've discovered is:
A) Become more aware of when you slip on that 'victim hat'.
B) Keep working at believing you have the ability to deal with anything.
C) Remember movie heroes like James Bondcan help the mind visualize and motivate a positive attitude for yourself.

I know that life and career challenges can sometimes be unrelenting. But most of the time it is just your mind stopping you from seeing your own capacity for change. The change can only begin when you believe in your hidden strengths. Somewhere inside you is the same tough resilience that is embodied in all movie heroes like James Bond.

So unleash your inner '007'. Believe that there is a way out of the holes you fall into or the people standing in your way. Tenacity is defined as persistent determination. Unleash your own tenacity and grab hold of your goals.

Emmanuel Lopez
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007

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