Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tip#17: Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions - Memento

It's fascinating that people can be very driven at the start of a new year to make positive changes in their lives. But then that enthusiasm dissipates. For awhile I wasn't very enthusiastic for this new year. In Toronto this past holiday we had no snow which made the season feel less festive to me. On top of that I had a stressful December that tested my faith in my new motivational speaker venture I had envisioned.

Thankfully I was able to utilize my own tried and true methods for getting myself unstuck and re-energize my positive attitude. So during the darkest parts of December I was able to stay motivated and jumpstart my excitement for a new year and a new me. Let me share some of the steps that got me through this difficult time.

1) Your dark and hopeless days would eventually give way to brighter days.
2) You are not alone. There is always someone out there to help if you only ask.
3) Re-energize yourself:
a. Get some rest
b. Be thankful and focus on what you have
c. Treat yourself to your passions e.g. favourite movies, foods, hobbies, etc.
4) Have a goal (see tip#15)

These steps sound simple and they are. The only challenging element is that when you are in a dark place it's hard to see these solutions without a little light. And you need to train yourself to remember what to do when your mind is confused with no sense of direction.

Memento (2000)

The mystery thriller film Mementois a great example of how someone reminds themselves of important information. The main character Leonard (Guy Pearce) suffers from an injury preventing him from retaining new memories. So every few minutes his mind resets to the memories up until the accident. On top of that he is trying to solve the murder of his wife.

To solve this incredible predicament he takes Polaroid pictures of people and writes info about them on the back. He has also tattooed his body with the basic information he needs to remind himself of what he has to do to solve his wife's murder. His methods help him get through his reoccurring mental confusions.

So train yourself to remember the steps it will take to jumpstart your enthusiasm and drive. Write notes to yourself about what to do when you get unmotivated. Pin them on your refrigerator of bathroom wall where you always go. It'll be like emergency lights switching on when there is a power outage in your building.

On the flip side too much information can also overload your already disconnected brain. Bite sized bits of information are always easiest to digest and that's what I enjoy sharing. So throughout this New Year I'll be providing more methods for self-development from my workshops for you to take steps towards your goals. These tools will help jumpstart your positive attitude and enthusiasm and show you there are many options to getting yourself moving when you feel stuck.

It's up to you to do the work and believe in yourself. Achieving your goals can happen as fast as you want it to happen.

Emmanuel Lopez
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


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