Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tip#9: Law of Attraction, Part 1 - The Secret

Law of Attraction:
All your thoughts, all images in your mind, and all the feelings connected to your thoughts have, will and is currently manifesting as your reality.

Every now and then a concept comes along to excite the masses. One idea can suddenly create a chain reaction and a positive buzz that can spread like wildfire. That positive buzz is magnetic energy and is proof of what The Secretand the law of attraction is all about.

The Secret 2006

This movie features well-known motivational speakers, authors and new thought leaders such as Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith all sharing their experiences with the law of attraction. The movie was designed to excite the viewer and offer many tips to start changing your mindset.

When I saw that The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently featured two of the stars from the new movie The SecretI knew the world would soon know the secret too. The Secretis actually what I taught myself to focus on in order to create my ideal career. It is also the core of what I speak about and help people learn for achieving their own goals. The secret is the law of attraction.

The key to the law of attraction starts with the act of BELIEVING in the possibilities. If you don't believe then nothing will happen.

But if you are ready to believe in the simplicity of what the movie is sharing then you can start the process of manifesting your ideal relationships, ideal income and ideal health conditions. It is a PROCESS and it begins with becoming aware of what you think about and how you attract more of these thoughts.

For years I didn't call it the law of attraction, I just happen to do it naturally and attracted all that I needed to achieve successes throughout my life and career. That's how Motivatorman was born and why my tagline is, "Visualize and magnetize what you want".

A Healthy Example

Here's an example of how it worked for me recently. For the past several years I noticed that my immune system was slowly breaking down and that I started to get colds much more quickly and frequently. It was frustrating and I could have accepted it as part of getting older.

But seeing The Secretmovie helped me focus on wanting to improve my health conditions instead of continuing to think negatively. That was the turning point, simply choosing to believe in another reality other than what someone else might say.

Now this past November I had the most speaker bookings I've received to date and knew I had to be in 100% shape to do my work. So two weeks before November I began using the same law of attraction tools I developed to manifest my dream career to start visualizing my ideal health conditions.


So first I BELIEVED in the possibilities and second I VISUALIZED myself healthy and FEELING great. I was THINKING positively. I got excited about what it will be like to have a healthy body and being fully energized. That positive energy became a magnetic email request that went out into the universe.

Within days I was on the phone talking to a friend who synchronistically recommended this Noni juice that helps boost the immune system as well as your energy. My gut told me to buy some of this juice immediately and did so without talking myself out of it. I took ACTION.

By the time November rolled around I realized I had the vibrant energy I used to have years ago. In fact while a flu strain was circulating in the city many people around me were getting colds and the flu. Not me! I was just feeling fantastic! I was full of energy! I had attracted the future I wanted.

Take Action

So if you are THINKING and FEELING excited about the law of attraction after reading this than the law of attraction has already started it's magic. BELIEVE that this is real and the process of magnetizing what you want has already begun. Take ACTION with your positive thoughts now!

"You create your own universe as you go along."
Winston Churchill

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought."

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
Albert Einstein

Emmanuel Lopez
© Emmanuel Lopez 2006


Unknown said...

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The Secret Revealed said...

You said it. This movie will transform your life. Not only the movie but you have got to read the book The Secret. It has more than double the contect of the DVD and is fabulous. Not only that book but the teachers of The Secret have written so many other books that can help. You can see most of them Here. Enjoy. I sure did.

Anonymous said...

Check out this cool video made from the book that inspired The Secret Movie. It's at The Science of Getting Rich

Anonymous said...

I have seen the movie and i can say that it is one of the greatest motivational movies i have ever watched. Now i am trying to apply it to my life and it feels good to be happy and thankful for the things around me. Not there will be a program called the secret workshop and it is based on the movie. I think this is a follow up of the movie the secret.

Anonymous said...

I have seen "The Secret". I loved it. It is an excellent movie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel!!

Oh my gosh, it's so true the universe works just the way I've been reading about. There are no coincidences.