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Tip#1078: Great Leadership in Movies, Part 5 - Darkest Hour

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or Winter Blues

Despite whatever the weather is like outside I can feel the darkness of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in my body and all around me. This is the first winter I've been able to identify a difference between SAD aka winter blues and clinical depression. The challenge all these years is that the symptoms are very similar: loss of focus, concentration, energy, drive and enthusiasm, feeling heaviness in body and most of all loss of any joy or hope. The difference, for me, is the quick, rejuvenating feeling of sunlight.

Thankfully my intuition was guiding me to resume research on SAD and it brought me back to a wonderful, simple slide show I found years ago (see slide show). It outlines evidence that SAD is caused by a disruption in a person's circadian rhythm or "body clock". More exposure to daylight through the eyes is an important step forward.

I've been soaking up lots of bright, warm sunshine at a newly renovated Coffee Time store near my home. This coffee shop was transformed while I was away on Christmas vacation and it now has brighter colours and a warm design with lots of high, glass walls keeping the cold out!

I really felt this drop of sunlight energy and vitamin D around five days of returning from three amazing weeks in sunny Las Vegas. The shift I felt was very acute and distinct. I was grateful for this epiphany to feel the differences in depression categories since SAD is another form of depression. Despite difficult days, I've been able to cope thanks to my daily walks, exposure to sunlight/light lamp therapy, CBT tools, prayers, meditations, extra rest, uplifting foods and, of course, the magical movies that synchronistically come my way. The Darkest Hour was one of them!

Darkest Hour (2017)

The war, drama film, Darkest Hour, is about Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) at the precipice of World War II with Nazi Germany and within days of becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain. This highly engaging story also stars Ben Mendelsohn as King George VI, Kristin Scott Thomas as Clementine Churchill and Lily James as the Prime Minister's secretary Elizabeth Layton. See: movie trailer

Oldman gives a powerful performance for Churchill who demonstrated strong leadership qualities of having a vision, passion, resilience, perseverance and indestructible optimism. He also shows humility, vulnerability and willingness to keep an open mind. Churchill's legendary public speaking skills and speeches are also highlighted and celebrated in this film. In the end Churchill inspires by standing up for what is right and being of service to the needs of his people and land.

Winston Churchill & His Depression

One aspect about Churchill that was not featured was his well documented dealings with depression. He referred to battling depression as "the black dog" and also coped by using creative tools like painting and writing. This personally inspires me because these are two creative tools near and dear to my heart and how I've documented my own journey and solutions for clinical depression and SAD. See my new web page: 8 Creative Tools for Motivation & Depression

There is also a great article I highly recommend on Churchill and how depression "can give us new and quite radical insights – it can give us a way of responding effectively to challenges we have in life". Read: How Winston Churchill Beat Depression

Leadership isn't just about leading in the workplace, politics, schools, communities and in sports. It's also about personal leadership. It's about coping with and overcoming the darkness. It's about finding the bright light tha's always within you. Be inspired by real-life leaders and cinematic role-models to empower you to keep moving forward in your challenges in life or at work. Never give up no matter how hopeless it all appears.

And if you are dealing with any forms of depression just know that other people's stories and experiences can provide you with unlimited hope to persevere!

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Tip#1078: Great Leadership in Movies, Part 5 - Darkest Hour

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