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Tip#908: Movie Messages of Hope for The Holidays, Part 1 - The Night Before

Today is a special day because I am sending out a press release that represents a new, exciting chapter in my life and career! The title is, Movie Messages of Hope for Holiday Depression, and this represents my dream of sharing to a wider audience the movies that helped me increase my resilience and indestructible optimism especially at Christmas time.

As I’ve talked about in my motivational presentations and also written in the press release, my loving father pass away without warning about a week before Christmas in 2000. That shocking moment increased depression symptoms I was already suffering from and thankfully the film It’s a Wonderful Life helped give me hope to persevere. And like the hero George Bailey I was reminded of my value and of the good, loving, supportive people around me.

This supportive spirit is what I want to communicate in the press release so my movie tips can help others manage the depression they may feel this coming holiday. If you’d like to help me spread my message I would greatly appreciate if you could forward this press release to any reporter, newspaper, radio or online host you may know. Download at this link: Press Release

The Night Before (2015)

The comedy film, The Night Before, is about the annual Christmas reunion of three friends, Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) on their final night together. This hilariously rude, raunchy one-night adventure in New York City is overflowing with funny performances, drug-related, gross-out humour and surprisingly touching moments. Warning: This is not a family movie! See: Red Band trailer (uncensored)

The three friends started this tradition because 14 years prior Ethan’s parents passed away on Christmas Eve. Isaac and Chris supported him on this night by going out on the town, sing at a karaoke bar, eat at a favourite restaurant and other uplifting activities. But because Isaac and Chris’s life changes, this year will be their final get-together.

At the core of this comedy is the story of supportive, loving friends for someone feeling holiday depression. It is also about that same person learning to deal with his fears and take action to grow up and start his own family traditions with the woman he loves. And, as great friends do, they each confront each other with truths they may not want to hear but are needed in order to grow and be better people.

Holiday depression may not be easy for people who experienced the loss of a loved one, ongoing family issues, work challenges or loneliness. That’s why movie messages of hope can help remind these people that they are not alone and to stay resilient. Films can make people laugh and shake off some of the blues even if just for awhile. And if you know someone facing holiday depression please reach out to them with a warm hand. You could treat them to an uplifting time at the movies!

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