Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tip#869: Believe in Magic, Part 1 - Edge of the Garden

On my recent birthday I tasted the most incredible, delicious, juicy 3/4 pound BBQ burgers my friend made for a small gathering I had at his family’s backyard. The taste sensation was so blissful that I believed the chef put in magic spices that activated every happy chemical in my brain and body!

I was so grateful for this amazing food because I was feeling a little down about my birthday this year. Part of the reason was not having achieved certain goals and that I was single and not able to celebrate with a special woman. But on the day of my birthday I was thankful for being surrounded by close, loving friends, heavenly food and drink on a beautiful deck overlooking a wonderful sunlit summer garden!

Edge of the Garden (2011)

The romantic fantasy film, Edge of the Garden, is about Brian Connor (Rob Estes) who is drawn to buying an abandoned house in the country that has a magic garden. Brian is able to communicate with a woman named Nora Hargrave (Sarah Manninen) living 50 years in the past. This Hallmark TV movie is a wonderful time travel/alternate dimensions story with engaging performances. See: movie trailer

This film reminded me of other romantic fantasies like Somewhere in Time and The Lake House and another Hallmark film The Love Letter. These movies always transport me to another world where my indestructible optimism and faith are re-energized that I too will find that special woman. These films lift me from my problems, depression and loneliness!

Movies, like good food and friends, have the magic to fill you with hope. So believe in magic in your own life and let it remind you that anything unexpected, wonderful and thrilling can happen!

See full movie: Youtube

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