Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tip#814: Indulge Once A Year, Part 2 – Just Friends

I am blissfully soaking up the hot sunshine on this year’s Las Vegas holiday vacation and feeling so damn good! Within two days of arriving my seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms dissipated. I’ve been spending quality time in the sunlight and eating more fresh fruits like delicious, juicy persimmons and mandarins from California. This doesn’t mean I’m not indulging in tasty, greasy comfort foods here in Vegas! Because I am!

New favourites include fantastic fish tacos at Rubio’s and more seafood at the Crab Corner where I indulged in mouthwatering catfish, shrimps, soft shell crabs and onion rings all in a crispy batter. Next to us were three people with a table full of hard-shell blue crabs they were gorging on! All this indulgence reminded me of a recent comedy I saw for first time that was overflowing with craziness!

Just Friends (2005)

The romantic comedy, Just Friends, is about a successful record executive named Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) and was once an obese, high school nerd who gets a second chance with his lifelong romantic crush Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart) at Christmas time. This hilarious film features crazy, screwball performances especially from Anna Faris who plays hyperactive recording artist Samantha James. See: movie trailer 

I almost felt guilty laughing as much as I did because so many scenes were just so silly. I especially laughed at the end credit scene of Reynold’s character in a fat suit lip synching the ballad “I Swear” into a mirror with all his heart and soul! See: movie clip 

So whether you are indulging in delicious foods you love that may not be great for you just enjoy it especially if it’s just once a year during this holiday time! And if you indulge in guilty pleasures like comedies that make you laugh then enjoy your holiday favourites to the fullest. Wishing you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS and lots of uplifting movie watching! 

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