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Tip#786: Rescue, Rehab, Release – Dolphin Tale 2

I just had the best summer in the four years since my financial crisis of 2010! My personal health and career as a motivational speaker was shining bright as it felt great to be contacted by an Ontario Ministry, a major bank and a major investment firm to do presentations for them. I believe this all happened because I maintained my indestructible optimism and vision of my goals.

And this first week of September started with a bang by accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and posting the video. And then right after the Labour Day weekend gave a new presentation called The Inspirational Power of Celebrities and their Movies with Dr. Samita Nandy of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies. Then the day after the 39th Toronto International Film Festival started and I was then invited to my first film festival party in years. I feel like I am getting back into the world!

The whirlwind continued as I got home from this party and received sneak preview tickets for Dolphin Tale 2 for early the next morning. The theatre was full of kids which I should have known! Unexpectedly, I had a very emotional reaction to the film’s themes on the rescue, rehab and release of dolphins and other water creatures in trouble. I saw myself.

Dolphin Tale 2 (2014)

The family drama film, Dolphin Tale 2, is a sequel with more true stories from Clearwater Marine Aquarium with Dr. Clay Haskett (Harry Connick, Jr.) his young daughter Hazel (Cozi Zuehisdorff) and Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) who originally discovered Winter the dolphin and her prosthetic tale. This story deals with letting go of the water animals the kids become attached to as well as letting go of one’s current life in order to experience a bigger world. See: movie trailer

Inspiring Themes:
• Letting go
• Passion & perseverance
• Leadership
• Teamwork

I felt there was powerful synchronicity in being invited to this advanced screening as it was a big mirror for my own healing over the years and exciting transitions that have happened this year. Dr. Haskett in the film experiences a difficult challenge and yet is reminded of three words that were the core of his mission: Rescue, Rehab, Release. That original vision is what guides him to solve his challenge. So for me this film reminded me on a deep level that I am at the tail end of that vision and that a whole new world of experiences awaits me!

At the end of the film they show real footage of Winter and the new dolphin Hope with other children and adults with prosthetic limbs. It's very moving to watch. And then the final credits say the words Rescue, Rehab, Release and... Inspire. If you want to be inspired on many levels to stay positive during the storms of your own life I highly recommend Dolphin Tale 2!

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