Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Tip#728: Life Changing Choices, Part 1 – Life of a King

On Sunday February 2nd I enjoyed a screening of Groundhog Day at a friend’s condo theatre. That enjoyment was sharply contrasted with the shocking news of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s untimely death. Thankfully, Hoffman left a legacy of great work. He gave great performances in films like Magnolia, Patch Adams, Mission Impossible 3 and Punch Drunk Love.

His death also made me think of how the choices we make in life that can lead to destructive consequences or life changing benefits. This is fully explored in Groundhog Day where every day of his time loop the movie hero makes different choices that affect his well-being or the lives of other people. Movie heroes can inspire us to look at the choices we make and how we can apply similar choices in our own career, business and life.

Life of a King (2013)

The drama film, Life of a King, is based on the true story of Eugene Brown (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), an ex-con who teaches life lessons through a chess club he initiates for inner-city youths. Brown made decisions in life that put him in prison where he learned to play chess. He discovered that the game was a metaphor for staying strong and resilient in life. He made it a goal to help youths to see other options in life through the game of chess. See: movie trailer

The movie trailer was inspirational in itself and compelled me to see this film. It is reminiscent of one of my favourite movies, Freedom Writers, where both movie heroes persevere to help youths make positive choices in life. It was also great to see Gooding still active on the screen giving us a new cinematic role model who persevered through the consequences of past decisions. He can inspire you to make choices that can lead to positive benefits in your life and for those around you.

“In here and in life, you must think before you move.” 
Life of a King (2014) 

Remember How Movies Can Help You: 
A) Entertain & Escape 
B) Re-energize & Release 
C) Insights, Epiphanies & AHA moments 

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