Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tip#726: Keep Believing & Persevere, Part 1 - In a World

While on my recent Christmas vacation I reconnected to Las Vegas radio show host, Rejj Smooth and we had another exciting, inspiring conversation, this time over the phone. It also felt good to hear him be so supportive of my dream to turn my passion for film into a long-term endeavor. He said my job as a speaker and movies for motivation expert is very unique and can help many people stay positive.

We both agreed that passion was the primary key to career success and I told him one of the reasons why I loved coming to Las Vegas was the genuine passion from the servers in my favourite restaurants. Rejj said it’s because they absolutely loved their jobs. We both believed that if you loved what you do then you can have a fulfilling career at it. You just need to keep believing and persevering towards the vision of what you desire.

See video clips of Xradio interview in the studio with DJ Rejj Smooth: Groundhog Day Pt.1 - Movies that Motivate Tips 8 of 8

In a World (2013)

The comedy, In a World, is about an underachieving voice coach Carol (Lake Bell) who wishes she could be the voice-over on movie trailers despite it being a man’s job. She then finds herself competing for her dream job against her successful and established father Sam (Fred Melmed) and his protégé Gustav (Ken Marino). Movie fans will enjoy this hilarious film that was also written and directed by its star Lake Bell. Bell is so vibrant, funny and adorably goofy in her performance! See: movie trailer for this movie about movie trailers!

The movie is inspiring in that Carol maintained her vision and belief of what she wanted. Movie trailers in real life are dominated by male voice-overs and yet Carol was resilient and optimistic. She persevered despite her arrogant, unsupportive father and others saying her dream was impossible. And with a handful of people that believed in her, Carol received an exciting offer of being the first female voice-over to say “In a world..” in a movie trailer.

I highly recommend this entertaining film for inspiring you with your dreams and goals when others are not supportive. Keep believing and persevering in your vision of what you want in your career and life!

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