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Tip#691: Passion & Perseverance, Part 4 - Rocky

As of this writing the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival has just ended and one film stood out for me called Jodorowsky's Dune. It’s the story of cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky’s vision to create the most mind-blowing film adaptation of the Sci-Fi novel Dune. This documentary shows, in detail, why this was the greatest Sci-Fi movie NEVER made and yet influenced many other successful Sci-Fi movies and careers! (Note: I will be posting a full article in Spring of 2014 when this film is released in theatres).

At age 84, Jodorowsky still exhibited great passion for his vision of Dune from the mid-1970s. It reminded me of inspiring stories I’ve read of Sylvester Stallone’s passion and perseverance for getting his script for Rocky turned into a film.

Here are some inspiring factors…

• While trying to sell the Rocky script Stallone was so poor he had to sell his dog for $25
• United Artists offered Stallone $330,000.00 for the script and to let either Ryan O’Neal, Robert Redford or Burt Reynolds to star but Stallone declined despite his current poverty as his vision was to play the lead
• The budget for the film was only $1 million and shot in 28 days
• Film composers turned down the film due to the low budget
• The film received many negative reviews upon its release such as The New York Times review by Vincent Canby: a “sentimental little slum movie … an unconvincing actor imitating a lug.” “Be warned.”

See this informative 4 part video interview: “The Rocky Story by Sly Stallone”

Rocky (1976)

The film Rocky is written by and starred Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa a small-time boxer who is given the opportunity to fight heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). It is also a love story with a meek pet store clerk named Adrian (Talia Shire). This film is a great example of one man’s passion and perseverance to go the distance and without compromising his heart or ideals. It was a mirror for Stallone’s real-life challenges, hopes and dreams.

The film became the highest grossing film of 1976 and went on to win three Oscars including Best Picture. It spawned five sequels including a very successful and inspiration finale, Rocky Balboa in 2006.

Do you know any inspiring stories of film-makers that demonstrated passion and perseverance with their dream projects? Please let me know!

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