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Tip#642: Life Lessons in Your Favourite Movies, Part 1 - The Croods

Yesterday was March 26th and I had such a good day. The morning started out fantastic with my favourite vanilla bean latte and the feeling of spring shining outside my windows. I had many tasks to start and everything just flowed so easily like melting butter on a super hot baked potato (which I had for lunch!).

I have been feeling a positive, new shift in my life and career recently and it reminded of how adversities in the past 3 years (see tip#400) helped me transform my mindset for more indestructible optimism.

My favourite movies like Groundhog Day and Peaceful Warrior helped remind me to keep developing a positive attitude because there was always something new to learn. There is a reason why you have movies you watch over and over again that is more than entertainment. They can help you become a better, stronger person!

The Croods (2013)

The 3D animated comedy adventure The Croods is about the world’s first prehistoric family forced out of the safety of their cave for an incredible adventure of discovery. This is a wondrously entertaining film, visually stunning and colourful in every scene with hilarious characters voiced by Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Cloris Leachman. See: movie trailer

The motivational and inspirational aspects of the movie took me by surprise because it is so rich and overflowing with key life lessons that I feel this could be my new top favourite motivational movie to recommend. It’s a bold thing to say and yet it really moved me on so many levels. For example the father Grug (Nicholas Cage) is extremely pessimistic and yet, despite his pain to change his attitude and beliefs, he learns to transform his mindset for the greater good of his family.

Life Lessons from The Croods:

• Transforming a negative mindset into a positive one
• Adapting to change
• Teamwork
• Identifying your strengths
• Try something new
• Take risks
• Pessimism versus Optimism
• Survival mindset versus Thriving mindset
• Creative solutions and brainstorming ideas
• Healing family relationships

There was a scene with the father Grug that brought me to tears. It reminded me of my own Dad who passed away back in 2000. It even felt like my Dad spoke directly to me through Grug! I could actually feel the presence of my Dad in the theatre. This experience while seeing this amazing film just added to my amazing day!

After the screening I sent an email to my Mom of what a great day I had. My Mom replied and reminded me that it was actually my Dad’s birthday! I suddenly felt this incredible wave of realization that my Dad’s spirit did lead me to the film and that he was right beside me watching this wondrous, uplifting movie with me. I already felt this was an important film and seeing it on his birthday just confirmed it on a magical, emotional level!

There are some movies that just entertain and some that are also filled with empowering life lessons. Find movies that you resonate with and allow the movie heroes to mirror your own strengths and skills. Films can inspire you to transform your mindset so that you can face and overcome any adversity in your life, career or business. Watch one of your favourite movies today!

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Remember How Movies Can Help You:

A) Entertain & Escape
B) Re-energize & Release
C) Insights, Epiphanies & AHA moments

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Anonymous said...

I need to see this one!!!


Unknown said...

I know how this movie is going to be. Awesome! The spirituality and inner feelings has got a lot to do with what we see and understand. Our whole attitude towards life is based on that.

Thanks for the review.
Henry Jordan
The Equation game

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

You are welcome Henry. And thanks for the insights!