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Tip#620: Find Confidence from a Movie - Superstar

This post is a little different because I am featuring a movie that was more inspiring for someone else than me and needed to share her story! I recently met a Chinese woman who came to Canada 18 years ago who got excited when I told her the title of my new book, Movies for Motivation: How to Stay Strong in Difficult Times. She said she knew exactly what my book was about because, during her difficult time looking for a job after graduating University, a comedy had helped her tremendously.

The movie she referred to was 1999’s Superstar and she really lit up as she remembered the movie hero having helped her believe in herself. She found her confidence and immediately got a great job at a mutual funds company. Her enthusiasm was so contagious that I knew I had to share her story. Her movie recommendation could inspire you!

Superstar (1999)

The comedy Superstar is about a nerdy Catholic schoolgirl, Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon) dreaming of superstardom. Despite being picked on at school Mary perseveres to enter a talent show being supported by other socially inept students. She is also supported by God played by Will Ferrell who also portrays her love interest Sky. Mary is also a movie lover and finds much inspiration from films such as Carrie and The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

There are some hilarious scenes and one that was surprisingly heartfelt. In one scene Mary sadly reveals to a new friend that she “sometimes hates the way I am”. With this new friend’s belief in her she finds her confidence and then inspires her fellow performers with this quote she later says is from the movie The Initiation of Sarah starring Shelley Winters.

“Don't listen to the names that people call you. If you believe in yourself, then nobody can hurt you. You are your own rainbow.” 

Whether it is a drama, fantasy or a comedy, movies have the ability to inspire the best in you. Movie heroes who overcome difficult times can mirror you to do the same. You are already a superstar! All you have to do is believe it!

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