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Tip#581: Remember the Magic of Cinema, Part 1 – The Artist

My experience this year at the Toronto International Film Festival has been magical. All the screenings I attended were because of the generosity of several good friends. Last week I saw the world premiere of the incredible Cloud Atlas (see tip#578) and yesterday I saw the Greek film, God Loves Caviar which I highly recommend when it gets released in theatres. See: movie trailer

In celebration of the TIFF Film Festival I facilitated a screening and discussion of the Academy award-winning movie The Artist for my client, St. Andrew's United Church. Most of the audience saw it for the first time and were very enthusiastic and touched by this wonderful, silent film. For me, the overflowing emotion and optimism I felt from the movie represented the kind of magic I felt at the Film Festival!

The Artist (2011)

The romantic comedy-drama, The Artist is in the style of a black and white silent movie. It is about a silent film star George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) who resists the changing era of cinema with the introduction of talking films. Along the way George meets rising film star, Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo) and they develop a special, loving friendship.

It's best you don't know any more before you see this fantastic movie. This is one film I HIGHLY recommend for when you are feeling down. It is filled with life! It represents the magic of cinema AND it is filled with motivational messages you can apply into your life.

Motivational Messages:
• Learn to adapt to unexpected life and career changes
• Embrace the supportive power of friendship
• Maintain an optimistic mindset in difficult times
• Recognize your hidden strengths and talents
• Remember the re-energizing magic of cinema

Seeing movies is a powerful experience especially when you need to feel uplifted. Look through your favourite titles and identify why they make you feel good. And seek out new titles you can add to your "motivational resources" for whenever you need to feel re-energized in your life, career or workplace. Cinema is more than entertainment. It is healing magic!

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