Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tip#562: See the Wonders Hidden in Front of You - Pleasantville

I've been SEEING wonders since starting the 40-Day Prosperity Plan from The Abundance Book I first mentioned in tip#556. This plan is designed to have you recognize the different types of abundance already around you. For me those epiphany moments were so amazing it's like a magical glow suddenly appearing in front of me!

For example my recent birthday week of celebrations with friends and family was filled with an incredible abundance of food! Every party or private dinner was overflowing with delicious foods, desserts and drink. I was building my AWARENESS that abundance is already in my life...

• My siblings took me to a delicious French restaurant and felt like a VIP!
• My friend and Writer/Live Lighter guru, Steph offered to treat me to a 2 for 1 steak dinner. And when I said I preferred the all-you-can-eat smokehouse pork ribs she said I could have that too! I ate mouth-watering juicy meats for days!
• Another friend took me to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant
• I enjoyed my free birthday drink from Starbucks, a Venti Frappuccino!
• One of my favourite restaurants, Swiss Chalet, called me to say I won a free dinner!

Other glowing awareness:
• Abundance of loving friends
• Abundance of contacts in my database (over 2,000)
• Abundance of birthday wishes on my Facebook wall (over 200)
• Abundance of mucus and phlegm (see tip#560)

Pleasantville (1998)

The fantasy, drama Pleasantville is about two modern day teenagers who magically get transported into the 1958 black & white TV sitcom called Pleasantville. David (Tobey Maguire) becomes Bud and Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) becomes Mary Sue. Both of their knowledge of the real world begin to slowly alter the way the other TV show characters sees life around them. For example when a character experiences a new emotional feeling they see a bright red rose against the black and white background.

All David and Jennifer do is help the TV show characters become AWARE. They help them become more CONSCIOUS of the emotional feelings, desires and passion that's already inside each of them. In doing so the glowing colours of life change their world forever.

Learn to recognize the glowing wonders already in your life. Be aware that abundance is already flowing to you in some form or another. Increasing your awareness of the GIFTS and BLESSINGS in your life right now will lift your spirits AND magnetize more of it! Let your eyes see the glow of wonders right in front of you today!

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Motivations said...

Wow, that's great. Thanks for sharing about “See the Wonders Hidden in Front of You - Pleasantville.” It’s not often that you find such clearness of depiction and range of ideas. Well written.

Steph said...

Omigoodness, thank you for this awesome blog post, Emmanuel!

I'm so happy you had an abundant bday (which I am so pleased to have been a part of) and how you've raised my awareness of the abundance in my life by drawing parallels between Pleasantville (I love that movie) and your life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!