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Tip#511: What is Your Destination in Life? - The Adventures of Tintin

When you feel depressed or lost it's because you've lost sight of your dream, your destination in life. This was an epiphany I learned months ago and knew this to be true for myself recently. As mentioned in previous blog post #510 I was feeling very unfocused and unenergized. This lasted for almost 2 weeks and I knew somehow I lost sight of my big dream in life, my destination.

So by using the natural rhythm of wintertime I hibernated. I did a lot of resting and, of course, watch many movies. I also did a lot of meditating and praying. Eventually answers started to percolate up to my awareness. I needed to remember what my big dream was. And it probably isn't what I thought it was over the past year or else I wouldn't be feeling lost now.

The Adventures of Tintin 2011

The animated, performance capture movie The Adventures of Tintin is based on a series of popular comic books by Belgian artist Hergé. It is also director Steven Spielberg's first animated feature. The story is about a young reporter named Tintin (Jamie Bell) and Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) setting off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship originally commanded by Haddock's ancestor.

The colourful realism of the characters and settings are dazzling such as Tintin's life-like hair blowing lightly in the wind. There are also astounding and elaborate action sequences like the chase scene in Bagghar (a fictional port city in Morocco). And this exciting adventure all started when Tintin became passionate about a discovery he made when he bought a model of a sailing ship. This discovery became Tintin's mystery to solve, his goal to achieve and his destination.

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I was inspired to see this as a mirror for myself and for rediscovering my big dream, my goal in life. I believe it will automatically focus and cement my destination. It will become my true north and I will never be lost again.

If you are feeling down and lost perhaps you have forgotten your destination in life or not following your dream. Take time for yourself and go inward for answers. Quiet your mind of external distractions and then listen to your inner voice. Your big dream and destination is inside you somewhere.

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