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Tip#491: Let Go of What You THINK You Know, Part 2 – 4 Movie Tips

Over the past few months and even at this moment I know of several close friends going through drastic life changes. It's as if they've entered a phase in their life and career where they are being forced to purge either their homes, relationships, jobs or all the above. Sound familiar? This has been my path for over a year now and thankfully my life has changed for the better (See tip#400).

These friends have reached out to me and I am more than happy to provide the movie tips and tools that helped me persevere and stay optimistic. It always comes down to transforming one's mindset. I'll repeat the Einstein quote from 2 previous blog posts because repetition is part of the transformation: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Here are 4 movie recommendations:

The Beaver 2011

A deeply troubled husband, father and executive (Mel Gibson) adopts a beaver hand-puppet as a means of breaking out of his destructive and debilitating mindset. This radical concept is a mirror for how radical your ways of thinking must change in order for you to break free. Here is an inspiring quote from the film: "We reach a point where, in order to go on, we have to wipe the slate clean."

Groundhog Day 1993

A self-centered weatherman (Bill Murray) finds himself trapped living the same day over and over again. After trying countless ways and methods to break out he finally surrenders to his situation. Over time he learns to change his thoughts and attitudes. Changing himself inwardly eventually freed him in his external world.

Peaceful Warrior 2006

A university student (Scott Mechlowicz) who dreams of winning a National Gymnastics competition encounters an enigmatic and wise gas station attendant (Nick Nolte). For many months the attendant teaches a multitude of lessons designed to purge the student's thoughts and attitudes in order to achieve his goals.

The Ultimate Gift 2006

When a wealthy tycoon (James Garner) dies he leaves his spoiled and reckless grandson (Drew Fuller) 12 video taped assignments to teach him 12 gifts in life. In order to receive his inheritance the grandson begins by having all his belongings and home taken away. One by one he discovers the life lessons that take him to new levels of happiness.

If you are finding you’ve tried everything like self-help books, workshops, therapy, etc. and still feel stuck then it may be time to let go of everything you THINK you know. If the world around you is being stripped then see it as a sign that your ways of thinking need to be stripped too.

All you have to do is say YES to the path you are being guided down. Find the courage to begin your inner purge and supportive people AND inspiring movie heroes will be right by your side!

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Style Yourself! said...

I'm sure you don't remember me by now, but i've been following your blog for a long time now.
Well, I've seen The Beaver, and it made me thing a lot about what we do in life; the things we miss and also the opportunities lost.
When we have some chance, even if very small and discrete to make a change in life a move to a different and better step, we should go forward.

If you have time, I'm starting a blog on my own ( Some parts are in Portuguese and others in English. Would you like to take a look? Maybe you can give some useful tips.