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Tip#200: How To Build Indestructible Optimism - Top 9 Movie Tips

Defined as impossible to destroy; durable, lasting

Defined as a tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation

The stress and anxiety of unexpected crisis and change can be painful. But you can overcome anything when you develop an optimistic mindset. It will give you x-ray vision to help you see the solutions, options and opportunities hidden right in front of you.

This is the 200th tip on this blog and I am in a state of blissful celebration! I am celebrating this 2 year journey while sipping an equally blissful vanilla bean latte from Second Cup as I write this! This part of my life has been incredibly transformational and I am grateful for all the movies I've seen that helped motivate me.

And this spring was a huge turning point for me. Everything changed when I felt my back up against a wall financially. That triggered a primal energy inside me to aggressively go for what I wanted (see tip#170). I was able to finally refine and implement 3 key factors I'd been working on for years to accelerate the process of building an optimistic attitude that was indestructible. Here they are…

1) See it & Believe it

Visualizing the future you want is first step. Focus on the positive vision you want to achieve. Identifying your favourite cinematic role models can accelerate the process. Movie heroes can help you see possible futures you truly desire or the strengths you want to develop.

Maintaining unshakable faith and belief in your vision is next step. You must believe your dreams and goals are attainable AND that you can overcome any life and career challenge. You have to believe that all things are possible no matter what you currently see blocking your way. Believing in your vision then leads to self-confidence.

Here are 3 movie examples to help you visualize & believe:
Contact (1997)
The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Pleasantville (1998)

2) Rewrite Old Habits

Your habits of thinking can either support or derail your optimism. Look at your brain as if it were a computer. There are old programs inside it that have been running on automatic for years. These represent old habits keeping you from moving forward. You have to identify those old programs and rewrite them. They are taking up valuable head space and energy.

And when you finally transform these old habits it makes room for new positive habits of thinking. New neural pathways are created in your brain. Find the courage to step into a new world and let go of ideas and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Here are 3 movies to inspire you to rewrite old habits:
Jerry Maguire (1996)
As Good As It Gets (1997)
Peaceful Warrior (2006)

3) Repetition

Creating new lasting habits of proactive thinking is achieved through repetition. It's about reprogramming your inner computer with new ways of looking at problems. Use every available resource to continually feed your mind with new ideas and methods you are attracted to: books, articles, audio recordings, online sites, seminars, speakers, movies, music, TV shows, etc.

Here are 3 movies about the benefits of repetition:
Groundhog Day (1993)
The Karate Kid (1984)
50 First Dates (2004)

Change can be challenging but practicing a little every day eventually goes a long way. Even now I continue to work on all these 3 factors as if it were a daily workout for my brain.

And when times feel extremely tough what helps lift me up are my passion for movies and the supportive relationships I've cultivated. And, of course, the occasional vanilla bean latte!

So remember the powerful benefits of building an optimistic mindset. You will be able to see that every cloud does have a silver lining. You will see the positives in the negatives. And you will feel a confidence that is indestructible!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. They are inspirational!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Motivational man!

You are priceless!!!!!!!
You have made me the most optimistic person in the world. It is so rewarding to have a positive impact in my life.

Thank you for making me feel good about myself again.


Anonymous said...

Well done Eman. You are a dedicated and inspirational being :)


Anonymous said...

How great is this! Congratulations Emmanuel.

Thank you and keep on motivating - you are fantastic at it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Go Emmanuel Go.

Deborah D.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome :-)

Keep up the excellent work!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching this momentous milestone, Emmanuel!

And thank you for your inspiring (200th) post. It's very difficult maintaining an optimistic mindset, just like it is to lose weight. But I overcame that battle through the three factors you noted. Then healthy living became easy and now I'm foxy once again. Sounds like maybe optimism works the same way.

And yes, I totally agree with your comment about the current economic downturn. If you're interested, my post, 7 Ways a Recession Can Be a Blessing may be a good complement to your 200th blog post:


Keep up the fab work, Motivatorman!

dariusb said...

Congrats Motivatorman!

200 post is quite an accomplishment.

I wanted to personally thank you for your tremendous work and for spending your time on Earth finding ways to brighten up the lives of others.

Great blog post and very poignant message.

Believe ---> Immerse in positive Habits ----> Repeat! Great advice!

Darius Bashar

Anonymous said...

Hey Motivatorman!
Congrats on this 200th post. You are definitely an inspiration to all other blogger and do gooders ;)
Keep up the amazing posts,

Anonymous said...

Blog 200!!!!!!! Woo-hoo ... congratulations!

Maureen R.