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Tip#630: Learning to Love Yourself – Angel-A

With Valentine’s Day arriving tomorrow I wanted to share something very personal and appropriate that may be what you need to hear right now. For over a year and through the weekly guidance of my business coach and wellness coach I have been in a Life Detox program that includes the development of:

• Neural Reconditioning
• Creative Visualization
• Law of Attraction
• Quantum Physics
• Wellness Therapy
• Relationship with God (higher power)

My profound discovery is that all these diverse studies led to one key factor: Loving Yourself. As I learned to love myself more my life began to alter in miraculous ways. I was feeling more deserving and worthy of what I wanted in life that were not previously manifesting. This is how I met a key person who gave me a ticket to the world premiere I really wanted to attend of Cloud Atlas back in September 2012 (see tip#578). And it’s how I synchronistically connected with loving people who quickly helped me publish my first book in December 2012 after 5 years of struggle with the book (see tip#610).

There are many more inspiring examples I have documented with my coaches and will share more on this blog and my speaker presentations. For now I wanted to share the most amazing and moving scene in a film that demonstrates the key importance of self-love.

Angel-A (2005)

The French fantasy and romantic drama Angel-A is about Andre (Jamel Debbouze) who just returned to Paris hoping to change his life and stop his petty crimes. He soon meets a beautiful and mysterious woman named Angela (Rie Rasmussen) who pledges her life to do everything she can to help him. To his surprise she helps him in the most unexpected and meaningful way.

Without explaining anymore I highly recommend you see this clip from the movie. If you are moved by it then identify what the scene is saying to you. What thoughts or feelings come up for you? Is this scene mirroring something for you?

Click here or view below...

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And he is right. If you want your external world to improve then your relationship with your inner world is where your focus is needed. Learning to love yourself more will be a new journey for you that will take time and courage. Just know that there will be loving, supportive people AND inspiring movies there to help along the way!

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