Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tip#573: You Can Rewrite Your Life, Part 2 - Frequency

The beautiful, sunny weather here in Toronto continues to fill my spirit with joy. I can really feel how good it feels as the bright sunshine warms my face and soothing breezes blow through my hair. For me, this is one of the feelings of abundance I am becoming more aware of as I continue to read the Creative Visualization book by Shakti Gawain (see tip#568).

There is a powerful exercise I've been doing from the Writing Affirmations chapter that the author says has brought some of the fastest changes into her life. What you do is write an affirmation in the first, second and third person 10 to 20 times in a row once or twice a day. The written word has much power over our minds and with this technique you are writing and reading at the same time which is a double shot of energy! You are actually rewriting your reality!

I, Emmanuel, am feeling joyful abundance in all areas of my life
Emmanuel, you are feeling joyful abundance in all areas of your life
Emmanuel is feeling joyful abundance in all areas of his life

Frequency (2000)

The science fiction thriller movie Frequency is about 36-year old homicide detective John Sullivan (James Caviezel) who is able to talk to his father Frank (Dennis Quaid) still alive 30 years into the past via an old CB radio. Since John knows the day and details of his father's death, he is able to help his father survive. In doing so they rewrite history causing a series of shocking alternate events that must be corrected.

In the end, this film is an emotional and heartwarming "what if" story of what it would be like if you could rewrite history and bring back a loved one who had passed. And this is a film that you can view to inspire your ability to rewrite your life through affirmations and creative visualization.

Your mind and heart are powerful factors for manifesting what you hope and dream for. The repetition of affirmations is just one of many techniques to reprogram your thinking so dramatic changes can occur in your life. Believe you can rewrite your life and you are already one big step towards making it happen!

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