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Tip#436: Healing Movies For Grieving The Loss of a Loved One

I just saw best selling author David Kessler of give a powerful lecture on hospice and the dying here in Toronto. Having worked with Elisabeth K├╝bler Ross and Mother Teresa, Kessler learned that all the dying truly wanted was "tender loving care". He told amazing stories of deathbed visions and also recommended Clint Eastwood's powerful afterlife movie Hereafter (see tip#396) which he consulted on.

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Synchronistically I've recently been contacted in reference to the death of a loved one. Several weeks ago I received a Facebook message from someone I met at a personal development workshop. She told me her father just passed away that morning and asked if I could recommend any healing movies. I was immediately moved to tears. It felt like the universe was reminding me that I could help people on a deeper, personal level with my experiences with films that healed me.

Within minutes I forwarded 8 blog articles I wrote and highlighted 4 recommended movies: Meet Joe Black, The Family Stone, Field of Dreams, Frequency. She was very grateful. Soon after a friend was also dealing with the death of a loved one so I forwarded the same information to him.

Here are 12 blog articles. If you know someone who is grieving feel free to forward this list:

Tip#166: How To Say Goodbye – Meet Joe Black
Tip#115: Gifts from Heaven – Field of Dreams - Frequency
Tip#116: Gifts from Heaven Part 2 – What Dreams May Come
Tip#145: Believe in the Impossible – Ghost
Tip#165: Facing The Death of a Loved One – The Incredible Hulk
Tip#167: The Circle of Life – 3 Movie Tips
Tip#272: How Sorrow Connects – Michael Jackson Memorial – Deep Impact 
Tip#313: Believe In Magic During The Holidays – The Shiny DimesThe Family Stone
Tip#419: Purge and Reprogram Your Life – TRON: Legacy
Tip#638: Praying, Faith & Indestructible Optimism - Unconditional 
Tip#645: Fill Your Life with Wonder - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Tip#845: See Life As An Adventure, Part 6 – The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet

Here are my Top 10 Movies for Grieving:

• A Monster Calls (2016)
• Field of Dreams (1989)
• Frequency (2000)
• Ghost (1990)
• Hereafter (2010)
• Deep Impact (1998)
• The Family Stone (2005)
• Meet Joe Black (1998)
• Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (2007)
• Unconditional (2012)

What Movies Have You Found Healing For Grieving?

Have you found comfort in a movie dealing with the death of a loved one? If so please let me know in the comment section below. Your movie discovery could help uplift others too.

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